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by The Mathletes

You know you don't deserve her I don't know about your history I can only see how she looks at me You better take good care of your girl I'm gonna take your girl I'm gonna make her my girl You know you don't deserve her I've heard you saying stupid girls were better in bed If that's true then find a stupid girl to date instead If it's true that I'm as harmless as you say Then it can't hurt you to get out of my way You know you don't deserve her
i built a lousy wilderness i lost my place in line lost my bearings and i lost my shit but i just about recovered it did you really think that i would just sit here all my life? the moment you realize you're indestructible you'll die here i am watching the everyone watching the elephant watching the hummingbird fly and everyone knows that the elephant knows that he can't ever touch her or else she will die and everyone laughs at the elephant watching and wishing and hoping and crying and crying he'll never be able to figure out why
Iowa 04:18
Like a clam on a trampoline A moth in a washing machine Masking tape on a trampoline What do you mean? Like a straight edge kid learning how to roll a joint What's your point? I'm a boat and you are Iowa I'm an ocean liner tied up deep inside of your Iowa My truth's about as useful as true colors shining through when you are colorblind
Reasonable 01:56
Hopscotch 03:08
squirrels don't sing anymore since you left birds've been busying themselves building a memorial nest my words are weapons, my wishes are weak i could kill us both right now if you were here to hear me speak but i wish right through you again wind it dances through the branches now leaves detach it all comes crashing down what do we do



released October 18, 2011


all rights reserved



The Mathletes Houston, Texas

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