Fuck Death / Part One / Trees

by The Mathletes

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released December 7, 2010

recorded between December 2009 and April 2010 / Tascam 424 --> Radio Shack CTR-100 / Simone Kern and Collin Hedrick appear on "Lender" courtesy of Wife


all rights reserved



The Mathletes Houston, Texas

RIYL: Daniel Johnston, Kanye West

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Track Name: Don't Act Like You Care About New York
I'm not glad you he died, oh no
But I'm not gonna cry for Dash Snow
Cuz every Snow that I'll ever know wised up or went broke before he martyred out
Don't act like you care about New York

Some photo galleries of a teenage suicide
He gets immortality you get to be alive

Just know that we will never be
What they want to see
Track Name: Trees
I knew it was nothing I said it was nothing
You said I was right but nothing is still something
That doesn't mean anything
How many trees to get to me?

I don't want to die / I don't want you to die
Track Name: Iowa
Like a clam on a trampoline
a moth lost in a washing machine
masking tape on a TV screen
What do you mean?
a straight edge kid learning how to roll a joint
What's your point?

I'm a boat
And you are Iowa
I'm an ocean liner
Tied up deep inside of your Iowa
My truth's about as useless as true colors shining through when you are colorblind
Track Name: Build a Hole
I can't just disengage my parachutes and wander off to frolic
With the balding teenagers and the famous alcoholics
I tried to tell you why I didn't call
I tried to figure out why it was not my fault

I'm not angry
I just feel let down
It's nothing in particular!
I just feel let down

Decorate yourself with this year's truth
You've got the rest of your life to regret your youth
You've got the rest of your life to forget your youth
You've got the rest of your life to forget

Build yourself a hole
The tallest hole they've ever seen

Build yourself a hole
The tallest hole there's ever been
Build a hole straight up to the sky
You'll be the best they've never seen
Track Name: Lender
Just because you stole your daddy's weed
Did LSD with Jesus, ate mushrooms with Muhammad Ali
Track Name: Spin My Wings
Spin my arms for balance on the precipice
I'm still embarrassed at how serious I'm taking this
Today I made another bird out of paper mache, but it's okay
It's not a real bird today

The autumn air is like a tourniquet
I haven't earned it yet
I'll spin my wings until tomorrow and pray
Tomorrow's not another today
Track Name: Loving Feelings (Daniel Johnston)
When you gonna stop all those funeral processions, eh Elvis?
What a good person you could be if you tried, lord help us?
So many people, they say they know not what they do
They tarry and they snide, they live and they die with no reason why

But they don't know what love is
They don't know what hate can do
Give the kitty cat a pat
And turn around and curse a friend

Hang on to your loving feelings
Quit your teasing, it's a lie
Can't you see, we're all gonna die
So give life a try, loving feelings

And when you wake up from the daily bore, ain't life a chore?
Don't you wish you knew the truth and nothing more?
Nothing to live for but the glorification of the media hoopla
They've got you hypnotized and they say there's nothing more to live for

Don't you think you could do better?
Better late than never
And the road goes on forever
So it seems much could happen later

Hang on to your loving feelings
Quit your teasing, it's a lie
Can't you see, we're all gonna die
So give life a try
Loving Feelings

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