Fuck Death / Part Two / Yard

by The Mathletes

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recorded january - april 2010 (except for "Feathers" which is from the year before) / last ever driving winter / tascam 424 ==>> mono tape bounces to radioshack ctr-100 / for awhile there i just couldn't deal with computers anymore / i have to deal with them every day of my life, for hours and hours / for awhile there i had to do tapes / david ibarra, collin hedrick and simone kern appear courtesy of wife / fuck death


released January 1, 2011


all rights reserved



The Mathletes Houston, Texas

RIYL: Daniel Johnston, Kanye West

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Track Name: Yard
There's about a million reasons why I should go out of my way to never drive
But there's a billion radios in my mind and my car has only got the one
I won't look back on this time with pride no matter what but gas is cheap
And I can't sing myself to sleep five times a week

It's too early to think about leaving you again
Give me time enough for coffee and we'll see what happens then

I've tried from every side and I still don't understand how you can be so good for me far away and so bad in the here and now
It's been twenty months and all I've figured out is how many buttons to keep unbuttoned at the top of my buttondown shirt

Wherever I go, there we are

We will never have a yard
Track Name: Diseases
this city is the size of a parking space, i need to go where nobody knows me
and every memory is a public place, i need to go where nobody knows me

diseases fall into my head, i can't sleep
diseases fall into my head, i can't breathe
the reasons are all inside my head, and i can't find them, and it's killing me
diseases fall into my head, you wouldn't know me

thought i had you when i gripped the air
you're all that i can see and you were never there

everybody always knew my name from when i was with you
now nobody knows exactly where i came from unless they know you too
burned a couple bridges and i packed my bags
melted down my rifles and i waved my flag
a handful of air to remind me of all we had

you'll never know how much i loved that air
Track Name: Hopscotch
It's always a game
It's all I can do not to play
You made it look fun

I'm filled up to the brow with your delusionally halfassed apologies
Red wine looks better on me than it sounds when it's inside you
And it wasn't for nothing that your mother said the things she said to me
You tell her everything you do
I don't give a flying fuck about some pock-marked oil executive
Telling you you make him want to leave his wife

He's not wearing his wedding ring these days, you know
That shit set sail six weeks ago
He's just preparing you to put up with what you'll be in the future -
Another used and miserable creature -
If you should sleep with him more than twice

You stepped over the line, baby that's fine
You'll always know where I am when you're in a jam
It matters not what you do, I'll be waiting for you
You stepped over the line, baby that's fine
Track Name: The Stomach Thing
before you were just a sad sorry sorry stupid story i sometimes tell to people
ignoring you hurt too much
i felt it in my gut
awful nausea fatal chemistry
it got the best of me
and time and time again it tripped me up

the only girls that i've loved previously
i loved them foolishly
the stomach thing was always just embarrassing
i'm starting to miss it again
Track Name: Cobras
(drugs/love/money/getting older/getting older/dying/sinning)
Track Name: Checklist
Check these off your brother's checklist:
22, three kids and syphilis
Backtrack down to the practice part of town
When the fakers meet their makers I'll make sure we're not around

Twilight heroes disdaining all the jazzbos
The jazzbos, they just chuckle alone
I could not even leave here if you cared I was still here

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