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by The Mathletes

Climb the hill Before the hill climbs you Don't think on that too hard Climb the hill Climb the hill You know it's good advice I know the hill is high Climb the hill
The Jokes 01:30
The jokes aren't funny to me It's not that I don't understand I understand it's just the jokes aren't funny There's something wrong with the premises And the jokes aren't funny to me The sun is shining, the clouds are hiding The jokes aren't funny to me I saw a sign, it was advertising A joke that isn't funny anymore There's something wrong with the premises Something I didn't know before I didn't know then what I know now And the jokes aren't funny To me
A Feather 01:30
She's leaving her husband for me She's beautiful, she's funny, you wouldn't believe We're going to create worlds together We're going to start a family I have to believe her Like she says she believes in me This has to be what love is This is love because it has to be She's leaving her husband for me There are a lot of moving parts She has to get the timing right I don't care, I only love her And I have to believe in her I have to believe her What is this if it's not love?
The Kangaroo 01:30
You can't force it But you did You can't fake it But you do You cant stop it So you won't You can't hide it So you don't But you did Everything they ever asked of you Was it hard to do Everything you ever wanted to You're a kangaroo
this place will kill you slow faster every day it's gonna be okay they made you hide your face they made you change your name but they can never make you stay you're gonna go away you're stronger than they know and you know you're gonna be okay you're gonna go away
Angeline 01:30
Angeline, oh yeah! I'm up against my limitations And despite your ministrations I'm afraid of the ghost that I know is not supposed to be A threat to you and me But you never know he could be! The spirit world is factual How can you be so casual This so I'm told is a battle for your soul And you don't seem to care You don't even seem aware! Angeline in a bubble Angeline in coccoon To be still in the day To be a ghost to keep the spirits away I think you're really clever I think you'll live forever And I don't think the end of the world is a trend That I'l keep on my mind If you tell me things will all be fine again Oh yeah!
She was halfway in the sky She couldn't tell us why She did not seem afraid She was calm and bright She lit the night She was not afraid And she looked down at me I could not hear her speak But I could feel her pull on my memory She said I love you, friend This is not the end Time is not your fight, it is not your enemy I didn't know what to do I remembered things that I never knew Time is not your fight, your enemy And by the time I caught up to my mind It was morning, she was gone She's moving on
Southwest 01:30
The way the sun hits here Is mine and mine alone I can share it but You'll have to leave your home
It's too cold for a valentine That's the story I'm going with It's too cold for a hug I'm worried about my pipes I'm worried about all the pipes Everybody's pipes are going to explode On Valentine's Day
Hello 01:30
A song is an awkward and inefficient way to communicate information


Recorded February 1-14, 2021
One song each day, 90 seconds each song
There would be more but I lost my power for a week because I live in Texas
It wasn't a full week but it was still bad
Here are exactly 21 minutes


released February 1, 2021


all rights reserved



The Mathletes Houston, Texas

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